What Wake Watch Does

Provides the Only Real – Time Meteorology for Airports to Improve Safety and Capacity.

Our products are applicable to four key areas:

    1. Accurate and reliable real time tracking of aircraft wake turbulence, facilitating weather dependent dynamic wake avoidance separation of  aircraft to safely maximize runway capacity.
    2. Conquering the last frontier with reliable real time detection of low level horizontal and vertical wind shear with 3 second updates,  leading to improved aircraft safety and runway utilization.
    3. Wind profiling to provide accurate and timely wind information for pilots, enabling the provision of 15 minute now-casting.
    4. Vertical real time , high resolution stratification measurements to 800m to accurately locate any temperature inversions which can extend the lifetime of aircraft wake turbulence.

Wake Watch’s proprietary technology is an enormous improvement over older systems in terms of both accuracy and availability. In particular, our systems will operate efficiently at low altitudes ( down to 10m ) including in difficult weather or atmospheric conditions such as very clear air, fog, dust or stratification, conditions that limit the use of existing measurement tools such as RADAR or LIDAR.

We offer airlines and airports a path to improve safety and deliver operational benefits such as increased capacity.

An A380 arriving over the wake turbulence measurement array at Melbourne Airport